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What happens if the call isn't picked up?



  • Haden Vickers

    I had two calls goto voicemail and didn't know that I could hit that button in order to receive my credits back :(

  • Dawson Hulme

    I had multiple calls go to voice mail. The first few I appealed and got a refund, but after that is said "giving refund" but I still got docked a credit.

  • Sami Naeeb

    Ye same when it goes voicemail and I appeal for a refund it still can docks me 😒

  • Yvonne Parker-Byron

    I had calls that have gone to voicemail and when I note it I still get charged for it anyway.

  • UnderDog 5097

    Yeah same people keep going to voice mail so I brought $2 worth of credit but I didn't get my tokens and looked through the App Store and o was charged so I thought it was a bug and tryed to buy it again but didn't get my credits so I tryed to call some one and it said I didn't have enough to call

  • Paul Coman

    I got refunded for the first few voicemails, but then it says it will be reviewed. I've lost about 10 credits due to voicemail.

  • Amanda Maldonado

    Me and my husband tried making called but some were sent to voicemail and we didn't know what will happen at the end so we restarted our phonea. I had one and I can't remember how many happened under his name


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